May Day for Freddie Gray & Larry Jackson

By | April 29, 2015

The struggle for justice for Larry Jackson continues,

Friends and supporters:

By now many of you will have heard the news that Detective Charles Kleinert, the man who killed Larry Jackson, Jr., has succeeded in moving his case to federal court. You can read some of the news about it here:…/28/kleinert-case-to-stay-in-federal-court/

While this is a setback for our side and for the family of Larry Jackson, Jr., we believe that we must continue to fight for justice. It has been clear that the Austin Police Association and Detective Kleinert’s legal team have been using every trick in the book to first delay the criminal proceedings and then use every loophole to avoid real prosecution.

This, unfortunately, is the legacy of Austin, where no police officer has faced criminal prosecution for killing a civilian in recent memory. This outcome is sad but not unsurprising.

We now face some new challenges: Kleinert will attempt to argue that he has federal immunity from prosecution; he will also be able to rely on a different jury pool that draws from a more conservative base; and his legal team has increasingly relied on arguments that blame Larry for his own death. We will continue to campaign to make sure that Austin knows that we are still watching.

We in the People’s Task Force believe that the clear next step is to join the protest movement that continues to grow nationally and organize solidarity demonstrations with the people who are fighting back in Baltimore against police brutality. What the events in Baltimore, North Charleston, and Ferguson have so clearly demonstrated is that there is an epidemic of racist violence in this country. What they have also revealed is that their protests have demonstrably shifted the conversation about police violence into the mainstream.

There is a protest that has been called by others in solidarity with Baltimore for Friday at 7pm at Palm Park (601 East 3rd St). Many of us are planning on attending:

In solidarity,
People’s Task Force

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