No justice, No Peace: Families of Police Brutality Victims Speak Out

By | March 28, 2015

Join The People’s Task Force as we host a panel with the families of Larry Jackson, Jr, Byron Carter, Jr, and Nathaniel Sanders, Jr. as they share their struggles for justice and speak out against the racist police in Austin, TX.

Police brutality is a growing epidemic in the United States. Every day there is a story of beatings and killings perpetrated by cops, most often, but not exclusively, perpetrated against youth of color. This panel looks at not only some of the local cases and what they tell us about the nature of policing in Austin, but also discusses the struggles of families, friends, and activists for the real justice that is so elusive in this country.

Destiney Sanders, Sister of Nathaniel Sanders Jr.
Byron Carter, Sr., Father of Byron Carter Jr.
Lakiza, Sister of Larry Jackson Jr.
Snehal Shingavi, PTF Member

Nathaniel Sanders Jr.
APD murdered Nathaniel Sanders while he was sleeping in the back of a car, and severely wounded Sir Lawrence Smith, who tried to flee as he awoke to gunfire.

Byron Carter Jr.
Carter was killed as he was trying to flee two cops who approached him from behind, guns drawn, without identifying themselves. In a federal lawsuit jurors ruled against the Carter family and absolved the APD of any responsibility.

Larry Jackson Jr.
Jackson tried to enter Benchmark Bank during business hours, but was stopped by locked doors. Kleinert himself went to the door and questioned Jackson for a few minutes, and Jackson ran from the detective. Kleinert commandeered a civilian car to hunt down Jackson to a bridge near Shoal Creek and 34th Street. After a scuffle, he shot Jackson in the back of the neck.

April 6th, 7PM
House of Faith
1709 EM Franklin Avenue
Austin, TX 78721

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