Points of Unity

1)      People’s Task Force is a police accountability organization.  We believe that structures and laws do not currently exist to check and monitor police excesses, and we advocate for those structures and policies.

2)      We believe that police violence and brutality is organized by and reproduces racism.  As such, we are an anti-racist organization.

3)      We advocate for fully funded social programs that could address the sources of crime (e.g. job training, housing, education, mental health, etc.).  We do not believe that the police offer a real solution to the problems that create crime.

4)      We believe that the police are merely the sharpest edge of the criminal justice system, all of which has to be overhauled to address the problems of racism, crime and violence in our society.

We consider to be a member of People’s Task Force, any person who contributes his or her energy to any of the activities that the People’s Task Force is organizing at least once a month.