Rally: Justice for Janiyah

By | August 31, 2014

On July 20th, 2014 Officer Freddy Paige #7326 was responding to a complaint at Santa Rita Courts regarding teenagers “yelling and screaming”. While there he traumatized the Owens family by using his Taser on their cousin David as he was attempting to pick up his children. Without clearly communicating that he wanted to stop David, Officer Paige fired his Taser with one prong hitting David and the other striking 6-yr-old Janiyah Wheeler, in front of three other children in the apartment.

Despite their grandmother requesting medical aide for Janiyah, Officer Paige failed to call for trained medical personnel and to add insult to injury, did not apologize and arrested David for “evading on foot”. This is another case of the rampant injustice brought on by the police towards people of color and the working class. As the people of Ferguson stand up for Michael Brown, we must stand up with the families here in Austin who are fighting back against police terrorism. Join the Owens family as they tell their side of the story and reveal Officer Paige’s lies, demand his resignation as well as a public apology from Police Chief Art Acevedo.

When: September 2nd,  5:30pm
Where: The North Door
502 Brushy St,  78702

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