The New Jim Crow

Author Michelle Alexander details how the US ruling class constructed a new racial caste system following the dismantling of the Jim Crow segregation laws. This new system, under the guise of the “War on Drugs”, uses mass incarceration to imprison millions of innocent black and brown people. These people and their families are systematically disenfranchised and branded as second-class citizens.

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Are Prisons Obsolete

Angela Davis lays out the facts about incarceration, citing the current numbers, outlining the history of the prison system, and identifying the race, class and gender dynamics underpinning the prison boom. She explains the economics of the punishment industry and deconstructs the ideology supporting it. More importantly, she forces us to consider radical change, and clears the ground for an agenda based not on reforms of the current system, but on a vision of a society where no one is caged.

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Killing the black body : race, reproduction, and the meaning of liberty

Dorothy Roberts gives a powerful and authoritative account of the on-going assault – both figurative and literal – waged by the American government and our society on the reproductive rights of Black women.

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