The Past

jacksonLarry Eugene Jackson Jr.

July 26th, 2013: While police were investigating a robbery that occurred earlier that day, Jackson tried to enter Benchmark Bank during business hours, but was stopped by locked doors. After coming back a few minutes later, a bank manager noticed Jackson at the door and went outside to ask questions. A few moments later, the manager informed Detective Charles Kleinert, who was interviewing bank employees, that Jackson “misidentified” himself.

Kleinert himself went to the door and questioned Jackson for a few minutes, and Jackson ran from the detective. Kleinert commandeered a civilian car to hunt down Jackson to a bridge near Shoal Creek and 34th Street. After a scuffle, he shot Jackson in the back of the neck. As of now, Kleinert retired early to avoid disciplinary action from APD and the family is still fighting for justice with the criminal investigation.

ENLARGE_01AhmedeBradleyCROPPEDAhmede Bradley

April 5th, 2012: Police officials said Officer Eric Copeland smelled marijuana after stopping Bradley for playing loud music from his car and moved to search the vehicle. Bradley then drove off and Copeland followed in his vehicle and then later on foot. After Bradley broke free he was pursued again and in that struggle Officer Copeland shot Bradley three times in the chest. A Travis County grand jury declined to indict Officer Copeland.

byronByron Carter Jr.

May 30th, 2011: Carter was killed as he was trying to flee two cops who approached him from behind, guns drawn, without identifying themselves. In a federal lawsuit that ended in June of this year, jurors ruled against the Carter family and absolved the APD of any responsibility. “It was very political, it was very racial, and it was not fair,” Byron Carter’s grandmother Gloria Clark told reporters. “There is no justice at all, and I have no faith in this system.”



sanders2Nathaniel Sanders Jr.

May 11th, 2009: APD murdered Nathaniel Sanders while he was sleeping in the back of a car, and severely wounded Sir Lawrence Smith, who tried to flee as he awoke to gunfire.  Michael Franklin who was in the drivers seat of the car told a reporter that Smith and Sanders were still asleep in the car when they were shot. “I know what happened. I was there, and I seen what happened,” Franklin said. “I’m really upset about all the lies, period. When I first seen the news and I seen all the lies, I was saying, ‘They don’t have any facts.'”

Officer Leonardo Quintana was not indicted by a Travis County Grand Jury. He was later fired for criminal actions and insubordination related to two domestic violence episodes involving a fellow officer and Quintana’s former girlfriend.

Kevin Brownkevbrown

 June 3rd, 2007: In the early hours of June 3rd, 2007, Kevin Brown ran  from Chester’s Night Club in East Austin as cops came to investigate a citizen complaint. Sgt. Michael Olsen chased Brown to the Elm Ridge Apartment complex where he shot him three times. Apartment resident  Antoine Thompson heard Browns last words “‘I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die,’”. After Thompson went down to find out what occurred, police arrested him and took him to Central Booking. Afterwards he  found a detective who was investigating at the scene and asked to give a statement. Thomson told reporters “I think they was trying to put their story together and come up with a legitimate excuse to try to get away with this one,”.

Two witnesses, Roberts and Darius Lovings, who were in the Chester’s Night Club parking lot told reporters “Kevin comes, he shakes hands with my homeboys, with me, now he’s walking back in this position, and the laws are where you are,” Roberts described. “Kevin stops, and they say, ‘Come here, sir,’ and they grab him. He resisted arrest, and he takes off running. He ran around the Escort, shot behind the mobile thing and ran straight through there.” KXAN’s Sally Hernandez asked the two witnesses why they though Brown ran from the police;

“Really ma’am, I don’t know,” Roberts said.

“Are you guys afraid of cops around here?” Hernandez asked.

“Ma’am, of course! Of course, we afraid of cops around here, every single day,” Roberts said.

drochaDaniel Rocha

June 9th, 2005: Daniel Rocha was shot in the back at point-blank range after a car that he and two friends were riding in was stopped by police on suspicion of drug selling. In the aftermath of the shooting, police officials wasted no time informing the media that Rocha had a record of petty crime. But they took days to come up with their official story regarding the shooting.

Officer Julie Schroeder claims that she shot Rocha out of concern that he could have attacked another officer with a Taser stun gun missing from her belt. But this story is being challenged by eyewitnesses, who say Daniel lifted his shirt to show he had no weapons. He was then pushed to the ground, where an officer placed a knee in his back and shot him.

“He was yelling, ‘I’m not armed. I’m not armed,'” witness Stephanie Pesina told reporters. “And I guess there was a little bit of a struggle. All I remember is you heard a gunshot. It wasn’t like a loud gunshot, where you could hear it in the air. It was like she held [the gun] up to him and shot him.”

No video exists of the shooting, despite the fact that police are equipped with video cameras and are required to turn them on during traffic stops. Police later claimed they failed to turn the camera “all the way on.”